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Big Tux


In December 2003, I bought a laptop and installed Suse Linux 9.0 on it. During that time, I often saw the Linux penguin Tux. Thus the idea for my new project was born. A pixel graphic by the inventor of the Linux penguin, Larry Ewing, and a 3D computer model of the brothers van Heesch served as a creative inspiration for this sculpture.

Planning Stage

Cross-sections of a 3D computer model were the basis for each brick layer. I transferred these to checkered paper, afterwards the outer lines were drawn.

Building Stage

Unfortunately, the procedure mentioned above was not accurate enough. Many times, I had to dismantle some brick levels and compensate errors by hand.

Exhibition Pictures

Big Brother by Eric De Bachere

Eric used my building instruction for the Little Tux but he doubled the width, height and depth of the Tux. So another Big Tux was born!

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