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My name is Tobias Reichling. I was born in 1979 in the South Sauerland in the vicinity of Olpe, Germany. As a banker and graduate computer scientist, I am of course interested in computers, but another passion of mine is Lego. This came to be in the following way:

When I was asked as a child, what presents I would like to get for Christmas, for birthday or other occasions, for a while there was only one answer: Lego. As I grew up, I lost my interest in it and eventually it ended up on the attic packed in large plastic bags. By chance, these bags fell into my hands at the end of 2002. Actually, I only wanted to research the value of my old Lego collection on the Internet, but through Google I very quickly found a lot of great websites by and for Lego fans and the fascination for my old hobby was rekindled. This webpage presents how my hobby has developed during the last years.

By the way, Lego is a combination of the two Danish words "leg" and "godt" and in English this means "play well!".

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