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The planning for this mosaic began in 2016 when we moved into our new house. One wall in the living room specified the maximum possible size for the MOC. The source picture was found, after some research, on the Internet. A clipping of a photo of a Bengal tiger by animal-photographer Tom Brakefield. After the image rights were acquired from Thinkstock by Getty Images, I started the planning. The mosaic was generated in my own software PicToBrick. The special clou here was on the one hand the extremely complex sourcing of the needed LEGO bricks (over almost 2 years) and the stabilization of the mosaic. It was built in sideview, stud on stud. Because of the calculated use of almost only 1x1 plates, the mosaic would have become very unstable. Because it was supposed to support itself completely without the help of wooden panels or other extra construction, more than 1,200 vertical columns (higher than 18 plates) were closed for stabilization. Started in 2018 the building process came to a standstill. Finally the corona pandemic brought the necessary free time in 2020 to finish the mosaic by February 2021.

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