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Tutorial: Building Brick Boxes

In the forum at 1000steine.de a frequently asked question is how to sort and store Lego in the best way. The following storage version consisting of self-made cardboard boxes is especially useful for basic bricks and plates. Perhaps it is also an inspiration on how to store other types of bricks. Since the boxes are made from leftovers of cardboard (e.g. from boxes used to pack TVs, which are especially stable), these boxes are cheap to make, all you'll need is duct tape and hot-melt adhesive. Another advantage is the individual sizing of the compartments as well as having all basic bricks and plates (from 1x1 to 2x10 studs) of each color sorted and close at hand while building. The boxes have a base area of 48 cm x 78 cm and are 10 cm tall. There are no fixed measurements for the individual compartments, feel free to adjust them to your needs.

In the beginning, the base area and the outer walls are cut (this can be done easily using a scalpel). They are secured with duct tape, but not yet put in an upright position. Now the bars of the inner compartments are cut, working from the inside to the outside. Afterwards they are glued using hot-melt adhesive. Once they are attached, the outer walls are flipped up and glued to the bars. Additionally, duct tape can be placed around the corners.

At the moment, I have brick boxes for the following colors: Black, white, light gray, orange, blue, green, red, yellow, tan, brown

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