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2007 Skærbæk

The exhibition in Skærbæk 2007 was similar to the previous year: a perfect jumble of different European Lego fans. Once again, we used the perfect lodging accomodations right next to the exhibition hall. This time, many people again took advantage of the opportunity to spend a few more additional days of vacation. On Monday. we were invited to the Lego personnel store with Jan Beyer (Lego Community Manager) and after that we even got to visit the Lego museum in Billund under leadership of Jette Orduna (Lego Company Global Communications). I was surprised and delighted when I saw a photo of me hanging in the Lego fan department of the museum. After that, most of the people went to the Legoland Billund.

Exhibition Photos

An Italian Piggybank

Speedbuilding World Record

Sitting together in the evening

Legomuseum Billund

Legoland Billund

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