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2010 Copenhagen

Already in the autumn of 2009, I was asked by the Lego Group to create building instructions for a very large mosaic for the 2nd Lego World in Copenhagen in February 2010 and to attend the mosaic building process. On 13. November 2009 I completed the plans and we are able to order the bricks. On 16. February 2010 I flew from Stuttgart to Hamburg. Thomas kindly drove me by car to Copenhagen the next day.

Building up

We arrived at around noon at the Bella Center in Copenhagen. Most exhibitors were already busily engaged in construction. Jan, Thomas and I picked up the pallets for the mosaic and paved the fence, etc. for the next day.

Bella Center / Youth hostel

After completing the construction, I moved into my hostel room. The hostel was in view of the Bella Center and was very modern and comfortable. The Bella Center and Youth hostel were just a few minutes away from Copenhagen city center (by metro).


During the four days I built the world's largest Lego mosaic together with Thomas Wesselski, Jan Beyer, Caspar Jensen Bennedsen, Marion and Andreas Oppermann, some members of Byggepladen and approximately 500 children plus parents. Here are some data:

Thursday Evening

On Thursday evening we first went into the steakhouse into Fields (the largest shopping center in Scandinavia). Then Klaas, Caspar, Stefan, Warren and I went on the Metro to downtown to Nyhavn (an old sailor's tavern). From there we went to an Irish pub and later on into Sam's karaoke bar. No one of us will forget the snowball fight at the Copenhagen Town Hall Square.


There were also some important visitors at the Lego World. The following pictures show for example the former CEO of LEGO Group Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, the Crown Prince Frederik André Henrik Christian of Denmark and his wife Mary Elizabeth with their children. In addition you can see the project manager of the Lego World Annette Sørensen, the Lego Country Manager of Denmark Peter Søgaard and the head of the Lego fan area Svend Erik Saksun.

Exhibition Pictures: Lego Fans

You could find models from nearly 40 Danish, German and Dutch Lego fans in the 1,100 sqm Lego fan area.

Friday Evening

On Friday evening was the AFOLs evening in the hostel. In addition to the common meals there were some funny games and to finish off the evening some of us had some beers in our youth hostel room.

Exhibition Pictures: Lego

Of course the Lego Group had established countless stalls, attractions and play areas on the Lego World. Boredom could not even arise.


On the whole Lego World, the children were able to collect individual bricks and assemble them into a Charity Duck. For each Charity Duck the Lego Group will send a fixed quantity of Lego bricks to poorer children in Africa. Thomas and I wanted to increase this amount significantly.

Saturday Evening

On Saturday evening all exhibitors met for the common rice table meal in the restaurant Galathea Kroen. After that some even went into the famous infamous Rosie McGee's for a couple of drinks. At 23 a’clock Rosie McGee's transforms from a bar into a nightclub.


For a farewell gift we got a Toy Story set along with some personal words from Annette Sørensen, Peter Søgaard and Svend Erik Saksun.

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