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Cuboro Marble Track

A while ago, I had the idea to build a marble track from Lego bricks. While researching the Internet for suitable samples, I found the company Cuboro AG . This company manufactures marble tracks made from wooden cubes. The cubes have an edge length of 5 cm. There are very many different types of cubes and thus a very large number of combinations is possible. That is why I decided to build a Lego copy of a Cuboro marble track.

Communication with the Cuboro AG

After searching the Internet, I wrote a letter to the Cuboro AG. They kindly sent me a few of the cubes as visual objects and even a book, which contains building instructions for various marble tracks and also an overview of all types of cubes currently available.

12 Cubes

I decided to build the 12 cube types from the basic box of Cuboro. Initial tests showed that a side length of 12 studs (10 bricks high) suited best for the reproduction. These dimensions allow a later construction of even more than the first 12 basic cube types. To play the marble track, glass marbles with a diameter of about 25 mm are used. They are heavy enough to overcome even longer straight track parts without any problems.

Final Rehearsal

Vanessa and I built the marble track along with my cousin Jara and her brother Joshua as a final rehearsal.

Exhibition Pictures

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