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Some Lego fans planned to build a huge moonbase with fixed parameters for the 1000SteinLand 2006 in Berlin. More about this standard can be found here: Zemi: Moon Base. They allow for everyone to build a part of the moonbase at home and then to join all the modules together to a huge layout directly at an exhibition.

Planning Stage

At short notice, I decided to build three moonbase modules: A nuclear power plant with offices and sleeping facilities for the workers of the power plant, including various corridors, etc. In addition to the basic data, I first defined a color scheme and got to know the moonbase standard (especially the corridors) digitally and through first prototypes. The power plant was to display a nuclear logo as well as an electric light. I created the mosaic for the logo and instructed the 1000steine member "Steinbohrer" to construct the electronics for the light.

Construction Stage

As soon as the plans were finished, I began to construct the modules. As a special attraction, the top view of the dome of the power plant also displays also a nuclear-logo. Inside the dome a rectangular cavity was built. It was to house the electronics for the light, which was added later.

Photos of the finished Moonbase

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